Soooo sleepy….

August 2nd, 2007 07:02:48 by Jim

Ok… so I haven’t blogged in a while… Karen did, but the dog ate it.

 Catie has been pretty restless, at least when I’m home… Thankfully she sleeps pretty well once we go up to bed.

 She seems to have quite an appetite, but she spits up quite a bit too… Karen and I don’t really know if it is an issue or just part of the deal.

 Lately, I’ve been on 12hr. shifts and when I get home, Karen really needs a break. Catie not only needs to be held, but she needs me to walk around, so I usually spend about 45min. walking around with her.

 But, I really like to veg for a 1/2 hour when I get home… but I probably should have thought of that 11 months ago….

 We’ll figure it out… even though she is a little demanding, she’s still the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

to see her little face is a reward worth working for.

A smile! (maybe not)

July 15th, 2007 08:13:31 by Jim

Catie smiled!!!! Well, more likely she was working something out.  But, it was a really nice preview of things to come…. She has a beautiful “smile” (I think this is not just a result of my bias), with a couple of dimples.

We had a few more visitors yesterday. Uncle Bill and Aunt Debbie, along with thier daughter Beth and her fiance John stopped by on thier way to a wedding.

 Later Pete and Marni stopped by.

 We had a great time hanging out with our friends….

Our daughter, one perfect little being

July 13th, 2007 18:18:25 by Karen

Welcome Catherine, Cate, Catie….

The past two weeks have been an emotional whirlwind laden with both excitement and anxiety.

Cate made her transistion into this world quite smoothly. I was prepared for many sleepless nights, breastfeeding troubles, and boughts of endless crying and thus far she has proven to be the complete opposite. She is a good eater and sleeper and seems content and happy overall. She only cries when she has a dirty diaper, when it’s time to eat, or ocassionally she cries to be held too! Who can blame her?

I love spending quiet time with her. Feeding time is my favorite time with Cate. She gazes up at me and often gently slips off to sleep content and full. She cuddles in so close to me I forget where I end and she begins. I often just stare endlessly in amazement of her.

I love watching Jim interact with her. She loves to lie on his chest nestled in for a good long nap. He is also great at quieting her when she is gassy or fighting sleep. He is a fantastic father! I get all teary-eyed watching him with her.

Cate has had a slew of visitors. My parents were the first to meet her and they have been an amazing support system as we’ve transitioned into our new roles as parents. Jim’s parents have been calling a lot and we were able to have a video dialog over the internet so they could see her. They’ll be here in less than a month and we can’t wait! Uncle John has been over quite a bit too and checks in daily to see if Cate misses him. MB is coming next week and we are looking forward to her arrival. Other visitors have included Michelle, Drea, Carmen, Kathi, Ali, Paige, Charlie, Rhett, Ian, Sherry, Cooper, Tristen, Brooke, Jayme, Laurie, Avery, Jake, Lauren B., Kristie, Uncle Ralph, Aunt Colleen, Uncle Jim, Un Chi, Chris, Diane, and Dawn…wow!

it just keeps getting better

July 13th, 2007 07:44:00 by Jim

Well, I’m feeling under the weather. Some sinus issues. Should I stay away from the baby?

Well, that would leave Karen to fend for herself, and I suspect that she would soon become fatigued and ill. So, there really isn’t much choice. I’m super careful about cleanliness.

Cate was awake a lot again yesterday while I was home. Dinner was easy- left over chicken sandwiches, and she just chilled quietly in her bouncy chair.

She makes the funniest faces! Her eyes were wide open and searching around at time, and others staring off at nothing in particular. Sometimes she will seem to look at me and then go crosseyed. I don’t know what to make of it.

Anyway, it was nice to see her awake again.

Later she was a little fussy, but my magic arms worked, yet again, and the dicomfort “passed”. We had a false start when Karen took her up to bed around 9 (after a good feeding). Cate woke up and was wide awake.

I took her and she rested comfortably with me for about an hour before she wanted another feeding. She probably went down around 930 1000p. Karen woke her up at 430a for a feeding, otherwise she may have slept until 6a!

I didn’t wake up all night, and I feel a lot better today. So, I hope to be a big help for Karen this weekend (it’s our first anniversary!)

As usual I can’t wait to get home.

A sign of things to come?

July 12th, 2007 09:08:54 by Jim

A couple of great things happened yesterday.

 1. We used our countertop electric rotisserie to make really good chicken.

 2. Catie slept from 11pm to 5am.

 I don’t know if these two things are related. But, if we need to eat rotisserie chicken every night so Catie can sleep, then I am willing to make the sacrifice.

 Last night was our last night with Lois helping out… I’m more than a little nervous. I imagine Karen is too. Lois went above and beyond during her stay… doing all our laundry and a whole bunch of yardwork that we wouldn’t have done even if Catie weren’t occupying our time.  Cheers, Lois! You Rule!

When I got home from work yesterday, I found Catie was sleeping, but not for long. Karen said she was awake a lot, but not fussy like yesterday, so she had a nice day. The had a few visitors… I was a little bummed, because I didn’t get to see any of them, but I’m glad Karen did. Brooke, Drea, and Jaimie (from Colorado), all visited… I think one of Lois’ friends did too.

 So Catie, Mom, and Grandma had a pretty full day.

After a little while Catie was awake and alert. She fussed a little, but once she filled her diaper, she was fine.

 She was looking all around while we ate dinner. Just as we were finishing, she started to ask for food.  She was pretty alert after eating, and content.

 Karen took her upstairs around 9:30p with her.

I thought I just managed to sleep through everything when I woke up at 5a to check on her. But, I guess she was just wiped out from all the fun she had.

 I wonder what’s in store today! Can’t wait.


July 11th, 2007 09:06:13 by Jim

So Catie is all of 13 days old now, and each day is a little different from the last. Yesterday, Karen tells me, she was up most of the day, wide awake. Karen reports that Catie was really uncomfortable, probably gassy. 

She was really awake when I returned from work. It is so cool to watch her looking around trying to absorb the world. 

Lois, Catie’s maternal grandmother, has been with us for the past 3 days, and is a HUGE help.  She has gone above and beyond, doing work around the yard, including weeding the flowerbed along the whole side of the house… HUGE. She’s awesome!

Last night, Catie didn’t want to sleep in her cradle… she didn’t really have a problem with it up until now. She really wanted to keep sucking even after feeding for over an hour.  We gave her the pacifier, and I fell asleep with her on my chest…

I worry a little about hurting her in my sleep, but it has worked out.  When I woke up from my light slumber, I tried to move her to her cradle. She awoke and complained almost immediately. It was a little early, but I did a diaper change and gave her to mom for a feeding.

Karen and Catie both fell asleep on the job, which I thihk is fine. Our bed is big enough to give them a safe distance should I toss a bit. Karen is a pretty still sleeper.

I tried once again to move her to the cradle, but it just wasn’t where she wanted to be. Who could blame her? I think it wakes her to go from body warmth to the cool cradle. I’m going to experiment with keeping her blanket warm in bed with us.

Anyway, Karen got the lions share of sleeplessness, as usual. I rose to change Catie once and to move her to the cradle twice. But on each occassion I missed maybe 5 minutes of sleep before handing her off to Mom, who stays mostly awake for the hour or so of feeding.